Top Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Pet

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It’s the most exciting time – you’ve made the big decision to get a new furry friend! If you’re thinking about how to get your house ready, our top tips to prepare your home for a new pet will help. Rest assured, there’s also no need to compromise on style with our pet friendly furniture. That’s because it was designed right here in Canada with humans and animals in mind. Check out our top tips to prepare your home for a new pet!

Creating a Pet Safe Environment

Sleepy puppy in faux fur

Peaches feels very sleepeh in our faux fur throw!

Whether you’re getting a puppy, a rescue cat, or a particularly spicy kitten, it can be a challenge to get your house pet ready. Some animals may not be the inquisitive type, whilst others may dig up your plants during a strong case of the 5am zoomies. Until you know if you’ve got a chill Colin or a daring Dex, here are some top tips to get your living space ready.

  • Find out which of your house plants may be poisonous to pets.
  • Try placing foil in the plant pot to cover the soil as a deterrent from digging paws!
  • If you have children, ensure toys are kept away from animals. Small pieces of chewed up dolls can cause a very expensive vet bill!
  • Cats love to jump, so be aware of anything potentially hot or dangerous left on kitchen counters, or heavy vases that may tip and fall.
  • Unattended human food is always a temptation for pets. Make sure to put it away, especially as some of it can make them very sick.
  • Keep garbage containers secure and possibly in a cupboard – pets can try to get into them and sniff for tasty scraps!
  • Make a habit of closing the toilet seat lid, as many animals like to drink from the bowl – ick!
  • Keep your pet away from garages and cleaning products. Items like anti-freeze and washing tabs are extremely poisonous to animals.
  • Put pet toys away at night. If your cat is free to roam the house, you may find yourself with unexpected visitors at all hours when they want you to play with them!

Establish Where Your Pet Can Roam

It’s tempting to let your pet sleep on your bed and have snuggles, but it’s good to establish boundaries. Our pet friendly furniture range has a faux fur pet bed, so they won’t be tempted to jump up and try to squeeze into your bed!

Designate Spots for Eating, Sleeping and Everything Else

Determine where you want your pet to sleep, eat, and relieve themselves before they arrive. It is important to establish these spots with your pet from day one so they can feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. Keep this away from high traffic areas so they have privacy, and pop a DiaDry mat under their water bowl to keep your floor free from spills!

It’s tempting to hide the litter tray away from view, so we’ve designed a solution just for that. Our Jessie pet cabinet comes in two colours, is easy to assemble, and has a scratcher on the side. Designed with pets and humans in mind, it doubles up as a TV cabinet and litter tray hiding space!

We hope these tips have helped you prep your home for a new furry pal! Tag us on Instagram with photos of your pet and let us know how you got on.


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