An Interview with Our Top Model, Oolong

4 Cats & Dogs

What’s Your Name? Oolong (Shmoo Shmong)

How old are you? 2!

Who’s your owner? Umm, I don’t understand the concept of ownership as I’m a dog, but my best friend is Alina!

And what does Alina do? Feeds me treats! And gives me snuggles! Sometimes she taps on a computer but I don’t know why.

What’s your favourite part of the day? Alina takes me to see my furriends every day, which is pawsome! But the best part is when I get to go to work and play in the 4 Cats & Dogs showroom! Sometimes I even sit in the window to surprise people walking past.

Do you like the 4 Cats & Dogs range? I can’t believe they made something so cosy, just for me! The bed is my faaaaavourite, I love to dig into it to get really comfy and then snuggle down with my head on the side. Appawrently, I am their top dog model, which makes sense as I am very beautiful.

Thanks Oolong, we hope you come to visit us in the store again soon!


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