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about us

For us, a living space becomes a home when you add four legs, a happy tail and the unconditional love of a pet. We also believe in creating an inviting, gorgeous space that expresses your style.

So we decided to make a line that is 4 Cats & Dogs, and humans too!

Our line offers a harmoniously designed, stylish range of furniture that is suitable for both pets and humans. Using a variety of contemporary textiles, every piece is designed here in Canada. Our carefully curated selection includes soft furnishings that are also machine washable.

Most impawtantly, 4 Cats & Dogs home furnishings are designed with every fur-mily in mind.

Homes are filled with paws, fur and feet. Styled with our furnishings, they’ll make your home complete!

our mission

Our mission is to bring you a practical and inspired line of home furniture and décor that has a unique focus on pet function, quality and design that will beautifully accent any home.

faux fur beds

The ultimate in comfort and style, this hide shaped dog bed will easily be your dog’s favourite lounge area. The soft foam cushion and fun design will blend in seamlessly to your living space.

your pets are full of personality,

so why not choose furniture that’s just as unique?

4 Cats & Dogs was born out of a deep-seated love for our precious pets.

Excited by the opportunity to innovate, we set out to create something fresh and unique. Owning pets shouldn’t mean sacrificing the visual appeal of your home. 4 Cats & Dogs combines pleasing aesthetics with choice materials for durable wear and tear.