about us

For us, a living space becomes a home when you add four legs, a happy tail and the unconditional love of a pet. We also believe in creating an inviting, gorgeous space that expresses your style.

So we decided to make a line that is 4 Cats & Dogs, and humans too!

Our line offers a harmoniously designed, stylish range of furniture that is suitable for both pets and humans. Using a variety of contemporary textiles, every piece is designed here in Canada. Our carefully curated selection includes soft furnishings that are also machine washable.

Most impawtantly, 4 Cats & Dogs home furnishings are designed with every fur-mily in mind.

Homes are filled with paws, fur and feet. Styled with our furnishings, they’ll make your home complete!

our mission

Our mission is to bring you a practical and inspired line of home furniture and décor that has a unique focus on pet function, quality and design that will beautifully accent any home.